Strava is a fitness tracking application that is used by to track your runs. 
In order to participate and complete RoadhaRun Challenge, it is a requirement to connect Strava to irunnersevents account

Here is a step by step guideline on how to connect the accounts.

Step 1 - Open a browser such as Chrome or Safari,

Step 2 - Go to Strava website and log in.

Strava Log In Page
Step 3 - Open irunnersevents website and log in Log In Page

Step 4 - Go to Settings and click Connect with STRAVA button Settings Page

Step 5- Give access to Strava Data - Click Authorize

irunnersevents will be able to:

  •  View data about your public profile (required)
  •  View data about your activities
  •  View data about your private activities

Authorize Strava Page
Now your account is connected to Strava.

My runs are not syncing. What should I do?

Go to: Settings>Connections>Strava -If not connected: Follow the instructions here.

If connected: Click the "Linked with" button and see if it's linked to your Strava profile. If it is connected to a new profile or someone else’s please DM us on instagram. 

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