Can I still register?
Registration will close on April 10th or when the slots are full. Every challenge category has a specific number of slots.
You can register using this link

When does the challenge start?
Challenge starts on 11th March (1 Ramadan) at 00:00hrs. 
Challenge ends on 6th day after Eid (Date TBD)

How many medals are there?
There are 7 different finisher medals. Each medal will have the distance written on it. 
4 distance challenges and 3 virtual runs. 
Maximum number of medals a runner can get is 4. 
1 from the distance challenges and 3 virtual runs. 

Which app do I have to use?
A free app called Strava.
You can use your phone or smart watch to track your runs.
You can go to Settings > Profile and click Connect with Strava.  

Do I have to upload the runs?
For distance challenge, you do not have to upload manually. Strava will sync automatically twice a day.
For virtual runs, you have to upload run’s screenshot to >My Registrations >View >Add Race Results

How do you verify runs on Strava?
We verify run data using Strava, if anyone is caught cheating by using bicycle or motor bikes on Strava, they will be disqualified from the challenge. Everyone must follow the terms and conditions of the challenge.

My runs are not syncing. What should I do?

Go to: Settings>Connections>Strava -If not connected: Follow the instructions here.

If connected: Click the "Linked with" button and see if it's linked to your Strava profile. If it is connected to a new profile or someone else’s please DM us on instagram. 

Can I walk?
Yes, there is no time limit. You can walk to complete the runs for all runs/challenges except RoadhaRun 300KM Challenge . 

Can I use treadmill?
Yes, If you use a treadmill, a running watch has to be used to track the run. All runs have to be on Strava to be included as part of the distance challenges. If you run on treadmill but it's not synced to Strava, it will not be considered in the distance challenge.

Can I participate in multiple challenges?
No, you can only choose one distance challenge.If you choose 150KM Challenge, 50KM, 100KM or 300KM Challenge cannot be selected. 

Can I participate in multiple virtual runs?
Yes, you can do 3 virtual runs if you want. Virtual runs can be done any day during Ramadan. 

Does the virtual run count for distance challenge?
Yes, it does. Virtual run medals are separate, but if it is on Strava, it will sync to the monthly distance challenge. 

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