Race Registration Changes

  1. Changes on confirmed registrations (change of race category etc.) are allowed
    1. Before end of Normal Registrations with a fee of MVR 50(for resident runners) or USD5(for international runners.
    2. Before end of Late Registrations  with a fee of MVR 75(for resident runners) or USD 10(for international runners).
    3. Last minute change of race category is not allowed. If a runner wants to change race category, they can choose to re-register for the race if slots are available. 
    4. Race category fee difference will be paid depending on the registration fee on the date of change request. (If an early bird registration is asked to change during late registrations, fee of late registrations will be considered.) 
  2. Upon confirmation of the registration,
    1. No refunds are allowed under any circumstances. 
    2. No further change regarding the selected t-shirt size of the runner is allowed. 

Race Registration Dates

Super Early Bird Registrations (September 20th 2022 to October 20th 2022) 

Early Bird Registrations (October 25th 2022 to December 30th 2022) 

Normal Registrations (December 31st 2022 to February 8th 2023) 

Late Registrations (February 10th to March 1st) - Registration will close once slots are full. Late registrations will get race tee shirt sizes based on availability, race tee shirt size selected is not guaranteed. 

Race Expo Registrations - if there are slots left, only bibs will be available at Maldives Running Expo.

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