Terms and Conditions - Maldives Half Marathon 2022

Race Categories

Half Marathon - 21.0975KM - Ages:15+

Fifteen K - 15KM - Ages:10+ 

Tough Ten - 10KM - Ages:10+ 

Fun Run - 5KM - Ages:6+

KidsMile 3.2KM - Ages:6+

KidsMile 1.6KM - Ages: 6 and below

KidsMile 800m - Ages: 4 and below

Inline Skating - 5KM - Ages:6+

Inline Skating - 1KM - Ages:1+

Wheelchair Race - 5KM - Ages:6+

Registration & Payment

  1. All participants must register through the registration process, either through a registration website or by visiting a physical registration booth before registration deadline. 
  2. Participants must be fully aware of and understand the full risks involved in their participation in the race, in regards to possible damages, or harm to their health.
  3. Registration forms of participants below 18 years must be submitted by the parent/person exercising parental responsibility. By submitting the relevant entry form, the consent of the parent/person exercising parental responsibility for the participation of the child in the event is assumed.
  4. Every runner participates in the event at his/her own free will.
  5. Every runner participates in the event on his/her own responsibility and bears full responsibility as to his/her fitness condition and ability to participate.
  6. Changes on confirmed registrations (change of race category etc.) are not allowed once registration is confirmed. 
  7. Registration can be transferred to another runner for the same race category (name & bib number on the physical bib cannot be changed), at the Maldives Running Expo with a fee of MVR 100. 
  8. Upon confirmation of the registration, no further change regarding the selected t-shirt size of the runner is allowed. 
  9. Last minute change of race category is not allowed under any circumstances.
  10. If participants declare that they do not wish to take part in the sports event or - for whatever reason - do not start, there is no right to a refund or reimbursement of the participation fee. The same applies to exclusion or disqualification of participants.
  11. Participants agree that their personal data are given to third parties for reasons related to timing, results' ranking and announcement on the internet. Personal data of the participants required during the registration procedure are stored and will be used for purposes related to the staging of the event. By submitting an entry form, each participant consents to the storing of his/her personal data and its use for the purposes of the event.
  12. Participants consent to the use of their image during, before and after the race and Maldives Running Expo by the organizers, sponsors, or other partners of the event for promotional purposes, with no right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.
  13. The amount paid for specially designated sporting events in 2022 to cover the costs of organising and preparing the sporting event against the background of the unforeseeable consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, without which the sporting event would not have been feasible for us, will not be refunded. 
  14. By agreeing to current Terms & Conditions, the participant consents to his/her photos being taken by the event's photographers and the Official Photo Agency of the event. The event is being filmed, recorded and exploited by means of online, television, film, video, printed or some other broadcast or media format. The participant agrees to the use and reproduction of his/her name, likeness, appearance and photograph. All such commercial rights in relation to the above belong entirely to event organizers and the participant has no proprietary rights in relation to any film, photograph or other such recorded media, nor right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.

Changes to Race Schedule

  1. Events takes place on the day and time that has been announced as such, regardless of weather conditions. Only in cases of exceptional circumstances or a natural disaster, Organizing Committee of the event has the right to decide on the postponement of the start time or the cancellation of the event, depending on the current conditions. In such cases, the registration fee is NOT refunded to the registered runners.
  2. Organizing Committee of the event has the right to change the event’s schedule, the terms and conditions regarding participation and staging of the event, without prior notice, by posting such a decision on the website/social media channels. 

Race Registration Dates

Early Bird Registrations (July 27th to Aug 10th) 

Normal Registrations (Aug 11th to Aug 20th)

Late Registrations (Aug 21st to September 6th) - Late registrations will not have names on the bib. 

Runner Entitlements

All races:
1. Race Bib.
2. Race Tee.
3. Digital Booklet. 

Finisher Entitlements

All Races
1. Finisher Medal.
2. Digital Finisher Certificate.

Half Marathon:
1. Finisher Tee

Race Kit Collection - Physical Race

  1. Race kits are personally collected by the registered runners and only from the event’s Maldives Running Expo during the times announced.
  2. A registered runner may authorize another person to collect his/her race bib on his/her behalf from the event’s Registration Centre & Maldives Running Expo, as mentioned above, presenting an authorization by the registered runner on the responsibility, of the latter, as well as a copy of the ID card or other legal identification document (for example passport, driving license) of the registered runner.
  3. In order to collect race bibs and race kits, it is required, in addition to presenting ID card or other legal identification document (e.g. passport, driving license) of the registered runner, to also present a copy of the “confirmation e-mail” that is sent to all registered runners.
  4. Race bibs and kits that are not collected during the operating days and hours of Maldives Running Expo, may not be collected under no circumstances thereafter.

Race Kit Collection - Virtual Race

  1. Virtual Run Dates are from September 9th to September 30th.
  2. Virtual Runners can register on 
  3. Virtual runners items will be available to be picked up from Maldives Running Expo from 8th September to 9th September.
  4. Virtual runners who choose delivery will get their items through mail after 10th September 2022.

Race Day

  1. Participants are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the organizers, volunteers, and event’s staff, including calls to abandon the course and stop the race.
  2. Any breach or non-compliance with the race regulations announced by the event organizers will result in the disqualification of the participant from the event and erasure from the race results without any kind of compensation.
  3. The race bib is personal and may not be conveyed, transferred, or be given to another runner under any circumstances.
  4. Participants are obliged to read and respect the instructions provided by the Organizing Committee of the event, either electronically, or in printed format (such as Medical & Technical Instructions, Race Manual) and which have been announced in the official website of the event.
  5. Access to the race course, and the areas at the start/finish of the event is not permitted under any circumstances, to non-registered runners.
  6. Every participant is obliged to fill in, on his/her own responsibility, the data required at the back side of his/her race bib, whether it is relevant to contact information, or personal medical data.
  7. Use of bicycle or other wheeled mean is not allowed on the race course, whether it is about a runner, or another accompanying person. In such case, the directly involved participant is excluded from the race and is called upon to withdraw from the event.
  8. Participants must follow all the local laws and regulations throughout the event.
  9. The use of headphones is strongly discouraged. If you must wear headphones, be extra-aware of your surroundings and make sure you can hear announcements as well as being aware of other participants around you.
  10. The official time is the time from the starting gunshot. The net time is the time from the moment the participant passes the mat at the start line, until he/she crosses the relevant mat at the finish line.
  11. The race classification results from the official finish time. The net and split time is announced only for the information of the runner. 

Awards & Prize Money

  1. Prize money will be given to 3 race categories: Half marathon, Fifteen K & Tough Ten.
  2. Prize money will be given equally to men and women for all awards.
  3. Total prize money of Maldives Half Marathon is worth MVR 162,800 (it will be paid in cash or sponsored items worth the amount). 
  4. Winners or a representative from winner must collect their prize token from the awards ceremony, or inform beforehand if he/she cannot attend.
  5. Prize Money winners will have to fill a digital form that will be mailed to the winners after officials results are out (within 14 working days after the race).
  6. Prize Money cash awards will be sent via bank deposits before end of 2022 to top 3 winners of Half Marathon, Fifteen K and Tough Ten.
  7. Prize Money awards/sponsor gifts will be mailed at a later date to top 3 winners of age categories.
  8. Age Category 1 - 19 years and below
  9. Age Category 2 - 20 years - 29 years
  10. Age Category 3 - 30 years to 35 years
  11. Age Category 4 - 36 years to 45 years
  12. Age Category 5  - 46 years and above
  13. No runner is eligible for two awards, if such a case happens, runner will be given the award with higher value.

EXPO Schedule

EXPO, Friday, 9 September 2022

0800 - 1100 EXPO Open

1100 - 1400 Friday Prayer Break

1400 - 2000 EXPO Open

Race Day Schedule

Saturday, 10 September 2022

0400 Marathon Village Open

0415 Reporting Time: Half Marathon 21.0975km, Fifteen K & Tough Ten

0515 Start Half Marathon 21.0975km

0545 Start Fifteen K & Tough Ten

0630 Reporting Time: Fun Run, KidsMile, Inline Skating and Wheelchair Race

0730 Start Inline Skating 5KM & Wheelchair Race

0740 Start 5K Fun Run, KidSmile 3.2K & KidSmile 1.6K

0900 Start Inline Skating 1KM & KidSmile 800M 

1100 Marathon Village Close.

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