We are excited to introduce 2023 Medal Challenge - For the first time in Maldives, we are proud to give you the chance to participate and get 12 medals for 12 5K runs for each month of the year. Every month, we will host a virtual run with a physical medal. Runners can run anywhere in the world and get this medal.

Why 12 medals?
For the first time runners, running a 5K is challenging, but it can be done with a few weeks of training. Every month you can choose a date and run where ever you are and run a 5K. We want to inspire runners to live a healthy lifestyle.

Can I walk?
Yes, walking or running is acceptable. There is no time limit but 5KM should be completed in one activity. 

How can I collect physical medal?
We will be distributing physical medals in MalĂ© City. We will contact you once you have finished the run and uploaded to website. 

Can kids participate?
Yes, kids can run as well. There is no age limit to this challenge. 

What if I miss one month's medal?
That is not a problem. You can collect as many medals as you want. Anyone can join the challenge during the year.

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